All about July

July was a busy month at Tamahar. After settling down in June, July saw a lot of activities for the children, staff and mothers!

A soft-skill/leadership training was started on 12th under the guidance of Mr. Magesh Moorthy, who is a well known NLP practitioner and trainer. The staff has enjoyed this on-going training and has participated heartily, asking for more!

27th, Take A Break Respite Care center of the Sacchivya Trust, had an Open House to introduce Yoga, Art Classes, Dance Classes as a part of the recreation program. This is supported by Tamahar Trust and a lot of parents got an opportunity to witness and get answers about the above activities. We have an enthusiastic teacher group working on these activities for all children with special needs.

The same day, a Flea Market was held by mothers of children with special needs at the Tamahar premises. There were exciting items on sale, a healthier twist to the normal Pani-puri, quiling (Paper) jewelry, chutneys and chivdas and yummy parfaits! The event was enjoyed by all, so much so, that there is a demand to have it every month!

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We are a Non-profit organization working with children with special needs and/or brain damage related disabilities. We believe in inclusion and empathy for the children as well as their families. Apart from intervention programmes and therapy, we also provide support service to parents, like support groups and respite care. This blog puts forth our perspective about what we do, how it is changing lives and how it only takes a little bit of positivity to turn things around.

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