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Here is a list of all our blog posts, with a little description for each one of them, to help you find what you are looking for. Titles appear in chronological order, with first being the latest and last the oldest. To read any post, just click on the title.

Lalith’s story: Raising two children with Sanfilippo  –  Blog post by Lalith, a Tamahar parent.

Sustainability is not eco-friendly products, but a way of life – iSambhav’s Mr Niranjan Khatri takes an engaging, thought provoking session on sustainable living and doing our bit for the environment.

All about Epilepsy aka Seizure Disorder – Information on epilepsy, its symptoms, treatment, do’s and don’ts

How to talk with a child with special needs? – Generic pointers to help you have a conversation with a child with special needs

Why an early diagnosis is paramount – Reasons why early intervention is crucial

Red flags in a child’s development parents must never ignore – A list of generic delays/problems in the normal development of a child which should ring the red alarm in the parents’ heads.

Empowered families encourage better development in the child – Transcript of an interview Mrs Pai gave to the medical journal, Patients Engage in 2016. This talks about how Tamahar came into being, our philosophy and beliefs, the range of programmes we offer for the kids as well as the parents, the kind of disorders we work with and a couple of our success stories.

What’s going on at the Tamahar Trust – A slice of life at Tamahar. We follow the hub-bub at the centre and tell you what everybody is up to on any given day.

Giving the child a chance –  Well, just talking about giving every kid a chance to be the best version of himself/herself.

Inspiring Stories –  Tiny anecdotes of wonder and success and our children achieving new heights every day! Written by Jess Bates

Getting to know you –  Jess shares her experiences during her initial days at Tamahar and her observation of the children she is witnessing growing and progressing.

Everyday miracles  – Our intern Jess Bate’s POV on Tamahar and the work we do. (It’s quite humbling. :))

Normalcy is overrated –  Mother of a child enrolled at Tamahar, Prarthana addresses the forever-looming comparison of “special” kids to the “normal” kids.

All about July – A quick recap of monthly activities in July 2014

Kalasha Awards –  Mrs Vaishali Pai was awarded the Kalasha award for being a Woman of Substance and in this post, she takes the opportunity to award/appreciate the women she admires.

What’s our USP? – Mrs Vaishali Pai sets down our USP in stone. Finally. What separates us from other NGOs, if at all? Most probably the fact that here, a kid is a kid. And he/she is more than the disorder.

My ode to Parents –   Mrs Pai applauds the parents of children with special needs and tells us why.

Inspiration – How this blog came to be

Rahul’s Musings –  Blog post of one of our first few interns about his time at Tamahar

My journey to Tamahar –   What made Mrs Pai establish Tamahar

Random Ramblings – Mrs Pai plays the brave mother to Tamahar

Yeh saali zindagi –  Tamahar starts a blog, even if reluctantly. Hurrah!