Random Ramblings

Back after a really long time.

This new technology really scares me, in a variety of ways. Will a become a slave to this? Would what I say and mean make a difference to anyone?

I guess, I have kinda gotten over these initial misgivings. The writer in me is waiting to be unleashed !(this was the remains of the transformers movie)
For the last 3 years, Tamahar has been my world. There are times when I am completely unaware of what is happening around me. Then one day, I said to myself – “Who am i kidding!?”. Tamahar needs the same treatment I gave my children when they were growing up. Give them strong roots, so that the earth makes them stronger. Give them strong wings so that they soar the skies! May be its a little early to apply it to Tamahar, but then, that may just be my ego speaking!


Yeh Saali Zindagi!

Life is beautiful! took me a while to get to the real beauty of it! Now that I am there, I know of no other way. Ok, to start at the beginning, God has a blueprint of each one of us, and our lives. Just seems like so much work! But managed so beautifully. Why are we born at a time that we are, and why do we meet people when we do? Even 20 years later, things come back a full circle! Awesome. I know my thoughts are all over the place, but like I said life is beautiful, and I am reveling in it!

Vaishali Pai