Why an early diagnosis is paramount.

As Indians, we have the “Wait-n-watch” germ in our DNA. While this works out well enough in case of general illnesses, this can prove to be a serious deterrent when it comes to development delays in children.

The earlier we reach a diagnosis, earlier we can start containing the damage. This exercise of treating kids at an early stage (infancy or toddler) is called Early Intervention and it is often the make-or-break factor in the rehabilitation of kids.

Here’s why –

  1. Emotional development of the person starts soon after birth. Any interruptions in regular development may disrupt emotional development leading to developmental delay.
  2. Our brain, which is the most important seat of control, continues to develop for up to 2 years post birth. All experiences that a young infant gets are important in providing smooth development of this immature brain.
  3. The earlier we diagnose possible disruption of brain development, the faster we can start procedures to prevent increasing damage of the immature brain and also put in place processes that can improve brain functioning.
  4. This intervention needs to be done systematically simply because what typically developing children experience naturally, learning from their and others experiences, children with special needs need to be provided with special experiences that would mimic these learning’s.
  5. It helps to have the child medically diagnosed starting with a paediatric neurologist. There are many investigations like MRI, EEG, etc that may be necessary for a doctor to get better understanding.
  6. It is now known that only 5-10% of the total population of children with special needs have Cerebral Palsy. It helps to also get a genetic assessment by a Geneticist as it is now confirmed that the incidence of rare diseases in India is almost 1 in 5000.


We urge all parents, whose kids are experiencing delays, to reach out and get help for their kid as soon as possible. See a doctor, or get in touch with Tamahar.


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We are a Non-profit organization working with children with special needs and/or brain damage related disabilities. We believe in inclusion and empathy for the children as well as their families. Apart from intervention programmes and therapy, we also provide support service to parents, like support groups and respite care. This blog puts forth our perspective about what we do, how it is changing lives and how it only takes a little bit of positivity to turn things around.

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