What’s going on at the Tamahar trust

Today is just a normal Tuesday at the Tamahar trust. The children, staff and parents are following the same routine to reach their weekly and monthly goals. Yet, as I sit here writing this blog, I know that incredible things are happening around me. I could here a child cry with destess, but the crying faded, quickly replaced by the soothing tones of the music therapist. Other children are in school, learning Kannada or stitching. Each child is being taught different skills with different levels of support to allow them optimum success.

Downstairs, the kindergarten children are in play therapy. They are receiving one on one support to reach their individuals goals through playing with toys, teachers and reading. I can hear a child imitating their teachers animal noises!

As I walk through the school, I pass a small class of six learning Kannada- writing the alphabet and sounding it out. A similar class is taking place upstairs with different children.
I walk upstairs and am soothed by the gentle humming of the music teacher as she uses sounds and music to calm the children and encourage speech. I walk in to the room to see five young children. Two girls have laid their hands on the teachers knees and they giggle as the teacher places her hands gently on top of theirs. It is the sound of comfort and happiness which warms my soul.

The last room that I venture into is also a classroom. The children here are learning how to stitch and I sit with a boy who is struggling to thread his needle. He thanks me for his help and I point out which hole he should put he needle into next. We carry on like this for an hour and he completes the boarder around his piece of fabric. When it is completed, the fabric will have a green border with his name in yellow thead in the centre. He is so proud of his work and I am proud of him too.

Every day, every child here accomplishes something for us all to be proud of

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We are a Non-profit organization working with children with special needs and/or brain damage related disabilities. We believe in inclusion and empathy for the children as well as their families. Apart from intervention programmes and therapy, we also provide support service to parents, like support groups and respite care. This blog puts forth our perspective about what we do, how it is changing lives and how it only takes a little bit of positivity to turn things around.

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