Everyday miracles- The Tamahar trust

Every child has individual needs but some children’s needs are much greater. So what happens to these children? Often, they struggle greatly with schooling and fall quickly behind the rest of the class. These children have special needs and the Tamahar trust exists to make sure no child is left behind or excluded from schooling because of these needs. The Tamahar Trust of Bangalore offers schooling and therapy for babies upwards. The children here have various developmental disorders that require a series of constant and intense therapy sessions for at least a year. The aim of this is to alleviate some of the symptoms of these disorders and develop the children’s personal and interpersonal skills. Most children have one to one support to take part in yoga, art, dance and music therapy as well as regular schooling.

As a new intern at the Tamahar trust, it is my wish to use this blog to explore the beauty of the work that is done here. Whilst I only work at one of the three centres in Bangalore , I am sure that the work done by the Trust is as committed and supportive in each of the centres as it is here.

The Trust, founded by Vishali Pai, is run by a group of committed therapists and teachers, whilst being supported by the mothers of the children. Where possible, the mothers of the children that attend the center volunteer here to offer the one to one support to the children that I previously mentioned. This has the mutual advantage of allowing the women to develop skills and techniques for working with their own children. In my work day, I will dedicate myself to fully exploring all aspects of the center and wish to write about the every day miracles that happen here- a smile, a laugh, a child’s first word. To some, these may seem like simple things but to a mother, or a teacher, or a child who has been working their body and mind for months, that simple step is a small miracle

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We are a Non-profit organization working with children with special needs and/or brain damage related disabilities. We believe in inclusion and empathy for the children as well as their families. Apart from intervention programmes and therapy, we also provide support service to parents, like support groups and respite care. This blog puts forth our perspective about what we do, how it is changing lives and how it only takes a little bit of positivity to turn things around.

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